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Honiball Auditing is a registered public auditing firm and have a group of talented professionals that are very passionate about all Aviation. There is a constant rise in the need to comply with the heavily regulated environment of the aviation industry. Inspections and audits are key components in any aviation safety oversight program and ensure that established safety and quality procedures are being followed. Over the past years Honiball has assisted to improve the safety, efficiency and compliance of many companies nationally and internationally. We have a dedicated team, committed to innovation, quality and first class customer services. Whether you just need a single product or an entire suite of products and services, Honiball Auditing has an extensive range of solutions on offer, each aimed at providing your organisation with the tools it needs to comply with Civil Aviation Authority regulations.

List of aviation related services we provide:

  • AOC & Air Service Applications
  • Automated Flight Tracking Systems
  • PPL & CPL Ground School Manuals
  • Safety Training
  • Competitive Insurance Quotes
  • Bulk Automated SMS Services
  • Aviation Company Manual Composition

We specialise in providing you with tailor made Flight Operation and Training Manuals, Maintenance Control Manuals, Safety Courses and Safety Management Systems.

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