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SEAMS: Smart Electronic Aviation Management System

I have spent most of my life either training others the ab initio or advanced art of flying in addition to be deployed operationally in the military as well as in the civilian or private sector.

If there is one thing I have learned when it comes to the complexity and liabilities during training of such a potentially dangerous skill, then it is to be organised, systematic, thorough and consistent. Sorry always comes too late. True professionalism is driven by predictability in a highly dynamic environment and that comes through proper management processes.

Honiball Aviation introduces SEAMS, a web-based software system to support flight schools in their day to day operations.

An electronic software management system should be considered to be one of the fundamental tools in running an efficient business.

It reduces the workload, your safety risks, should be user friendly and very cost effective. SEAMS certainly covers all that and more...

The Story Behind SEAMS

Every thought probably has a story behind it, this one literally started with the pain in my but. Okay, not a real pain, but a frustrated pain to how it could be possible that CAA always catches me out on the most basic fundamentals.

I mean, a CAA inspector would come and do the Part 127 and ask for the helicopter file as well as the air crew file. No lie, he would open anywhere in the book for a spot check and find the only mistake or lapsed certificate, or whatever in the book. I had three people go through all files to see if there were any mistakes, but on the second time a CAA inspector pulled this trick, I thought for a moment that it is a special course they attend, I cracked.

Then there are for instance the aircraft. The flippen CoA has lapsed and no one noticed. I do not have people that sit and stare at forms the entire day to see if one chooses to expire.

To top it all, then my medical expired and who could I be cross with? Don't be ridiculous, how can I be cross with myself? I am the boss after all. But no-one wanted to take responsibility so I sat with the red face, not able to do tests and not able to do what I must do – fly. It sucks!

Now for the last moan; what about the training files that are not up to date and the month end report that was not sent to the parent or sponsor. Aircraft hours are not correct; invoicing was not always done in time and correctly, so my 'moer-meter' became quite active and the revs entered the red zone at least once a day on average.

While Thomas, my son in law and I was sitting in the Seychelles after a very hard day of training, tanning and swimming, we agreed that electronics are the way. I have seen many systems but none covered my but pain sufficiently. None had the entire training curriculum for PPL, CPL, Instructors, Night flying, Multi and so on, easily accessible. I wanted something that will authorise me and when I come back and have to complete the signing off, sortie and aircraft and everything, the aircraft would be released and nothing was behind. The aircraft hours, fuel, oil, statistics, logbooks, invoicing and everything was done and dusted.

Now, nearly three years later, the entire operation operates seamlessly. The transition was easy, efficient and above all, CAA friendly thanks to Thomas who understands systems and computers enough to put our brainstorming into a digital reality.

We called it SEAMS; as an acronym it works, but when the era of seamless interface is required and a must in computer usage, it sounded ever so cool. Three guys are working all the time to advance the product and to adapt it to customer specifications. Is it completed? Never, not in my time, I will eventually have the entire business at my fingertips, easily assessable online and logically so basic that even I understand how to switch it on.

No matter the amount of aircraft, the price is fixed, R967.86 (incl VAT) per month , paid in advance, you only sign a confidentiality contract and no changes you want are charged for. We do it and everyone gets the advantage. Look if you cannot afford this one, you are probably scared of the future. Well, with nothing to lose, but everything to gain, it's a no brainer.

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