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What is Auditing Services?

The primary benefit of using auditing services is the confidence it gives you and your stakeholders that your "house" is in order. Basically it verifies the numbers, ensures accuracy, and assesses procedures, it can uncover problems before they become significantly more serious. Our methodology and approach has been designed to help you understand what the risks in your business are, and how to face them. We provide you with proactive advice to maximise the potential of your business and to minimise risk.

Honiball Auditing provides independent and professional services that can be tailored to your specific needs, in aviation and non-aviation companies. You can specify the scope of the audit, whether it is on a part of your organisation, or, your entire organisation, or even on a third-party organisation that you have contracted or wish to contract. We are able to assist you in setting up an audit program for your organisation so that you can self-audit. You just need to tell us what it is you would like to achieve and we will map out a tailored solution for you.

We at Honiball Auditing believe that a good business structure is the key to the success of any company and we love nothing more than to travel on this journey with you.

Success depends upon preparation

As I arrived at the flying school, I noticed that a mild panic prevailed. The origin of the panic was not yet known to me, but it was evident that the furious shuffling of papers and short tempered communications meant something big was going down. The first person looking up at me was not particularly happy to see me and for a moment I wandered what it is that I have done wrong, when the stern face turned into a slight stupid smile. "I thought you were from CAA".

It was apparently time for the annual Part 141 inspection and from where I stood, it was clear that they were not ready and that window dressing was going to be part of this presentation. Fake it until they make it was the only option left as they were not ready. The problem is that CAA inspectors have seen it all. They have seen all the sidesteps, all the weak attempts to hide what is not right and to be quite frank, they are trained to spot the gap.

The dilemma is that, depending on the findings, they may get away with a reprimand due to the findings and given some time to address it, but then it is also a possibility that they may be grounded until CAA is satisfied. Well, if you know what the requirements are and you do not prepare properly, you are looking for trouble. However, there are professional people that can help you. Everyone first starts off by trying to help themselves, but when it comes to the aviation professional environment, one should not take a guess or a chance.

Besides, CAA will legislate very soon that all operators must make use of an external suitably qualified auditor. Thomas Honiball from Honiball Aviation Auditing (HAA) is such a professional. Not only did he qualify as an IOSA auditor in America, he was also invited by CAA to attend their auditing courses. Having done many audits and because he knows the law very well, many clients as well as CAA auditors like and respect him. Not only is he accredited in South Africa, but also as an auditing and flight safety lecturer in Namibia.

Being a commercial pilot and instructor himself, he understands the requirements and frustrations operators are faced with. Being respected as a gentleman, his inputs to CAA and other authorities are well received. Just the kind of personality that I would like to represent my company, as my licences on the wall is the only gateway to live my passion and to achieve my aviation dreams.

Thus, no more stress of an impending audit, no more guesswork, no more red faces. If Thomas does not represent you, you should ask yourself why not? Is it because you have not heard of him or because you feel connected to the auditor that has dropped you and you cannot get rid of because he knows your mother? Whatever the reason, you need a solution and that is HAA. It is about time you give your stakeholders, personnel and bank manager peace of mind.

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