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Whether you just need a single product or an entire suite of products and services, Honiball Auditing has an extensive range of solutions on offer, each aimed at providing your organisation with the tools it needs to comply with Civil Aviation Authority regulations.

Our lead auditor and co-founder Thomas Honiball has successfully established operations offices for-and has guided many satisfied clients through the process of obtaining initial accreditation of part 141, 127 and 135 operations.

We specialise in providing you with tailor made Flight Operation and Training Manuals, Maintenance Control Manuals and Safety Management Systems.

The truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it... Ayn Rand

Aviation Grey Area Operations (AGAO) is where people who want to become involved in the supply of professional aviation services, tries to cut corners and get away without being legally accredited.

This is what the law requires. Your aviation business must be registered through the Air Services Licensing Council. That is Part 135 (Charter small aircraft, less than 20 passengers), Part 127 (Helicopter charter single engine) and Part 121 (Air Line type operations). You do not need the Councils blessing to register a Part 141 (Aviation Training Organisation). CAA however requires a Training Procedures Manual (TPM) for Part 141 operators as well as Manual of Procedures (MOP) for part 127 and 135.

There is no such thing as flying for free; no-one falls for that one, so the only way is to become compliant. Yes, it is an expensive exercise, but not even close should you have a mishap and because of the insurance companies becoming more attuned to AGAO, the chances are that cheap options may become expensive burdens. Honiball Aviation Auditing has helped many a client to become compliant and the consensus is that it makes sleeping so more peaceful. The insurance guys are happy and your family can breathe comfortably again, and that for money that you will make up in no time.

Thomas has done well in this environment as he also understands the law, auditing, what the various CAAs want and his pleasant manner attracts lots of help from those in authority. So, if you are not legal, or you just want to start your operation, Thomas is the guy to help you from scratch up to operational level. All you have to do is contact him, discuss your need and he will advise you to the best solution. After all, we are all subject to the same oversight. Compliancy is the 'Truth'; it will ensure you are free to enjoy your venture.

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